Erectile dysfunction and Female sexuality

Erectile problems – causes of erection problems

Statistics say that erection problems occur once in five sexual intercourses. So, for once in a lifetime, every guy fails in bed – his penis can not lift. Where do erectile dysfunction come from and what can be remedied?

When erection problems occur, the man is first surprised, then embarrassed, finally angry. And either he throws himself into the vortex of life and changes his partners like gloves to prove to himself that “he can” that it was her fault, or on the contrary – he thinks he is finished and avoids sex as fire. Meanwhile, one can help both. However, there is another reason for the lack of erection at the age of 20, another in the 60’s.

Erection problems are not ashamed

For an erection to occur, a stimulus must appear. These can be sensory experiences (tactile, auditory, visual), erotic images or awareness of the approaching close-ups. An erection occurs when the erectile center in the spinal cord is stimulated, arteries expand and the cavernous body of the penis is filled with blood.

Erectile dysfunction is the impossibility of getting a full erection or keeping it long enough for a relationship to take place. If this situation is one-off – there is no need to worry. The real problem arises when a man “can not” in 75 percent. attempts (i.e., 7 times out of 10) and it takes a long time.

It is estimated that about 150 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction in the world. In Poland, this number reaches 1.5 million. Half of them “for nothing in the world” would not go to the doctor, and the disability is revealed on the occasion of other diseases. Meanwhile, doctors are of the opinion that a soft penis always wants to say something important to the owner. Because nothing happens without a reason.

When Piotrek (20) has erection problems

Why is this happening?

The cause of erection problems in a 20-year-old male is usually stress. When he takes a relationship for the first time or with a new partner, the tension and anxiety that arises are so strong that they cause loss of an erection. Problems can also be the result of smoking cigarettes (a packet a day is the cause of trouble with erections in 85% of men), alcohol consumption, taking steroids and anabolics.

In some cases, the inability to maintain an erection may result from a fixed stimulus that the man got used to during masturbation or from addiction to pornography.

What to do?

If a young man has erection and masturbation, and the problem only occurs during intercourse, it is likely that the disorder is neurotic. In this case, either he must deal with the mental blockage himself (of course, the partner should support him), or he should use the sexologist’s help. The relationship should take place without hurry and pressure that “must leave”. It is helpful to reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked and the number of beers drunk.

When Piotr (30-40 years old) has erection problems

Why is this happening?

A man in his thirties is most often nervous, mentally and mentally overworked. He is often overweight. Troubles at work – a bad mood immediately affects sexual life.

What to do?

When he can not make love, but wakes up with a morning erection, the problem lies in the psyche. The peace and time will help here. It is worth giving a man a good rest, not forcing him to have sex. A woman can assure her partner that her closeness, mutual masturbation or oral sex can give her satisfaction (if she really thinks so) and that most women see masculinity not in erection at the beck and call, but in strength, tenderness and consistency.

It may also be that the man’s problem is the lack … of healthy egoism. Excessive focus on partner’s pleasure can have a very bad effect on sexual activity. It is worth arranging, for example, that a partner sometimes does not wait with an orgasm for a woman.


Five emotional reasons that often affect the lack of erection:
  • failed relationship,
  • divorce or separation,
  • partner’s death,
  • problem with work,
  • loss of health of your or your partner.

When Mr. Piotr (50 years old) has erection problems

Why is this happening?

With age, the secretion of testosterone, responsible for sexual desires and fitness, decreases. There are disorders that greatly weaken libido: circulatory disorders, diseases of the urinary tract, prostate diseases, diabetes, kidney, liver, thyroid diseases, numerous neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, conditions after stroke, spine diseases, mental disorders . The man often takes medication.

What to do?

If the impotence is not caused by psychological factors, it is necessary to visit a doctor – a urologist, internist, endocrinologist, sexologist or even a first-line doctor. During the first visit, the doctor conducts an interview (asks about the nature of the disorder, the time of their appearance, frequency). Evaluates general health, genital and secondary sexual characteristics (pubic hair, facial hair). He examines the prostate gland per rectum (finger through the rectum), checks the heart rate, measures the pressure. He orders further research: morphology and general urine testing, fasting blood sugar (glucose), testosterone level and fat profile.

And it is usually enough to know the cause of the disorder. Sometimes the doctor orders monitoring of the member’s erection (when he suspects psychiatric disorders). To get a full picture of the anatomy of all parts of the penis, the doctor can refer to the ultrasound. If infirmity causes medication such as hypertension, diuretic, antidepressant, sedatives (and they are responsible for almost 25% of cases of erection problems!), After their change the situation improves.

Do it necessarily


Sexual activity helps in preventing erectile dysfunction. Frequent erections stimulate the member and act advantageously on the penis vessels. Cessation of intercourse for a long time complicates the subsequent activity.


Sexual condition promotes a regular lifestyle, healthy eating (low fat and sugar) and movement. Experts recommend the exercise: during urination you should stop for a moment or release its outflow (eventually for about 10 seconds) by tightening the pelvis and buttocks muscles. This must be repeated a minimum of 5 times.

Drugs for erection problems

If the cause of problems with getting an erection are organic factors (ie diseases, such as the circulatory system), tablets that increase the inflow of blood to the penis may be helpful. Ideally, they contain sildenafil – a substance with scientifically proven effect. Until recently it was an ingredient found only in Viagra, but nowadays it can also be found in over-the-counter erection pills.

It should be noted, however, that if the cause of erection problems lies in the psyche – no drug will help, because it is guilty of not disturbed cardiovascular activity, but mental blockage.

Here are examples of erection funds available in pharmacies and over the counter:

Prescription drugs:

Viagra – the first and the most famous medicine for erectile dysfunction. It causes the inflow of blood into the penile corpora of the penis. It should be taken “on demand” (that is, before the planned relationship), with an hour’s notice in advance. Works about 4 hours. Note: alcohol and fat meal can impair its performance.

Side effects: facial flushing

Contraindications: cardiovascular diseases and liver disease

Cialis: action starts after 40 minutes and maintains for a minimum of 24 hours (up to 36 hours). Its effectiveness does not reduce alcohol.

Side effects: back pain

Levitra – the effect is visible after 15 minutes. Works up to 12 hours. Note: alcohol and fatty foods can impair performance

No prescription:

Penigra – contains plant extracts and zinc monomethionine. It increases sex drive

Permen – a dietary supplement containing a mixture of herbs that have a positive effect on potency

Promen – strengthens, regenerates, and positively affects fertility

Cefadisiac – a homeopathic medicine (drops or pills). It improves the blood circulation of the sexual organs, stimulates the nerve bundles responsible for the erection

Ceedra – a natural extract of herbs used in Chinese medicine

Libidoforte – herbal medicine. It works up to 48 hours after taking.