Erectile dysfunction and Female sexuality

Erectile dysfunction: therapy and cure of impotence – The right therapy for every man

The times when the man helplessly surrendered to his fate are over. In recent years, numerous new treatment options for erectile dysfunction have been developed.

Couple in bed. The new treatment options can bring significant improvement to complete healing. The focus here is that the man is again able to lead a satisfying sex life without much preparation or medication. Important: Before the therapy is always an accurate diagnosis. What you should look for in the diagnosis. Also you can buy viagra oral jelly on HelpingHand Pharmacy.

For the treatment of impotence several options are available

In order to achieve a cure of erectile dysfunction, it makes sense to combine the treatment options within the framework of an individual therapy concept. For this reason, a specialist should definitely be consulted, who has a thorough diagnosis and experience in creating individual therapy concepts.

  • Medicamentous forms of therapy
  • tablets
  • Intravenous injection therapy
  • Intraurethral drugs
  • Natural power and natural aphrodisiacs
  • Testosterone therapy
  • Mechanical therapy
  • electrostimulation
  • Operational possibilities
  • Coaching and psychotherapy
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Body training

There is no age limit for all treatments listed above. If someone still feels like sexual activity at the age of ninety, he should not be afraid to take advantage of the opportunities available. We all know that love keeps us young. Decisive, however, is always the consultation with a doctor in order to find a suitable solution together.

By the way: the overwhelming part of reduced erectile ability goes back to organic causes (contrary to many prejudices) and is also treated at this level. Of course, in most cases this also has a positive effect on the psyche, for example in the form of improved self-esteem.

Therapy of erectile dysfunction

The treatment of erectile dysfunction was revolutionized in 1998 by the approval of the active ingredient sildenafil. Meanwhile, there are other oral forms of therapy. These include in particular the PDE-5 inhibitors, ie drugs with vasodilating substances.

There has been a great deal of research into therapeutic options all over the world. The introduction of oral medication continues to be groundbreaking. In addition, there are today essentially the following therapeutic options: three of them are newer nature.

Stem cell therapy

Today, it is believed that stem cell therapy can be an interesting therapeutic approach to erectile dysfunction – especially on the basis of normal aging and diabetes (diabetes) – or after a nerve injury such as after minor pelvic surgery.

Although this therapeutic approach has been very promising in the animal model, there are still no studies in humans that support its effectiveness. If you enter the English term “stamcell therapy erectile dysfunction” in a search engine, you get over 300,000 “hits”. Among them are some centers that offer stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction. The cost of injecting stem cells into the erectile tissue is between € 5,500 and € 10,000. Men who opt for stem cell therapy are usually at the end of therapeutic options and they see no alternatives. There is no scientific data supporting the effectiveness of the therapy. In addition: Besides the ineffectiveness of the therapy, studies also showed immense side effects!

Shock Wave Therapy

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is performed at low intensity. An analysis of available study data has been published in the scientific journal “International Society of Sexual Medicine” (ISSM). The authors conclude that the ESWT is a very interesting approach, but still has nothing specific to say about the effectiveness. For this reason, better and more intensive studies should be carried out.

Prof. Sommer has determined in his own studies that an accurate diagnosis is essential before an ESWT. In addition, he assumes that in all likelihood only highly selective patients with so-called endothelial dysfunction will benefit from ESWT.

Erectile Dysfunction: A new gel is supposed to help

Currently, a new topical gel (MED2005) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) is being tested. The gel contains 0.2 percent glyceryl trinitrate and thanks to the DermaSys technology absorbs it particularly well from the skin. Glyceryl trinitrate is a NO (nitric oxide donor). Scientific studies have shown that the active ingredient leads to a relaxation of smooth muscle in the erectile tissue – and thus to an improvement in the blood circulation, which is indeed essential for a good erection. Unlike PDE-5 inhibitors such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, MED2005 can be applied to the glans directly before intercourse, for example during foreplay. The first study results are promising. To see how the drug evolves, one must now wait for the further course of studies. Initial results, however, show that 70 percent of the subjects got an erection within 10 minutes.

It is known that some of the common therapeutic measures for erectile dysfunction (impotence) are insufficiently effective and not free from side effects. For example, PDE-5 inhibitors sometimes have the disadvantage that they do not act immediately on ingestion. Therefore, some men feel circumspect in their spontaneity. In addition, phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors are not suitable for cardiac patients taking nitrates for the treatment of their cardiac symptoms.

Closure of a venous leak

There are several options for penile vein surgery. In most cases, the corresponding veins in the region of the penis are surgically prevented or a type of embolization is performed via a catheter: The “leaks” are then closed with coils, spirals or balloons. Scientific studies have shown that this can lead to complications such as penile edema, infections, emotional disorders in the penis or penile shortening. In addition, it has been shown in long-term studies that after some time new graduation paths are formed again.

Can non-alcoholic soft drinks cause erectile dysfunction?

Yes, that is indeed possible! Non-alcoholic soft drinks, especially sweetened carbonated drinks such as lemonade or cola, usually contain a lot of sugar and refined carbohydrates: this turns them into calorie bombs! Those who ingest too much of these ingredients can develop a metabolic syndrome (MS) – which in turn often leads to erectile dysfunction (ED).

The metabolic syndrome is described as a group of different symptoms. These include obesity, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol levels (good cholesterol), high blood pressure and fasting blood glucose levels. Many women and men with metabolic syndrome develop diabetes (diabetes) over time. Recent studies have shown that men with metabolic syndrome are 2.6 times more likely to be affected by erectile dysfunction than healthy men.

Another scientific study has found that men with an increased waist circumference have 2.5 times more likely to have erectile problems with sex than slim men. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that men with diabetes compared to non-diabetics have a fourfold increased likelihood of erectile dysfunction and thus reduced erectile dysfunction. Erectile problems in diabetics often occur even in younger years. A healthier lifestyle not only has a positive effect on the abdominal circumference and erectile function, but also reduces the risk of other diseases.